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About Us

ActaCoin is a centralized cryptocurrency using decentralized blockchain technology, referred to as an alt coin. It was developed back in 2015 by K.C. Ching, a crypto specialist and technology enthusiast with a desire for achieving financial freedom. ActaCoin Coin is based on a Scrypt algorithm using POW type. ActaCoin Coin was developed with privacy, security and reliability in mind, and with an objective to overcome the limitations of traditional financial systems. ActaCoin Coin is a peer to peer global payment network, guaranteeing complete anonymity in all transactions. Its cryptographic protocol ensures that the information being exchanged is encoded with both public and private keys, protecting the sender and receiver’s private information. The transfer of data is secured with encrypted codes ensuring that only a specific person can reveal the data. This means that users can make transactions directly to one another. There is no intermediary required for the transaction to take place.

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The transactions are recorded in an incorruptible public ledger referred to as a blockchain, once the transaction has been verified by a network of nodes. There is no single administrator or governing authority involved in this process, hence there is no outside interference or monitoring of transactions. Similarly, there is no single agency collecting or storing your transaction history.

ActaCoin is a people community, which help each other for free, and absolutely consciously, they transfer Coin directly to each other, without any conditions, guarantees and promises. Because it is a good deal to help each other.

About ActaCoin

ActaCoin plays a leading role in every segment of the bitcoin ecosystem, offering a digital currency payment processing, corporate consumer trading accounts and blockchain engraving. The diverse services ActaCoin offers allow its customers to engage in all aspects of the digital currency spectrum in one integrated platform. Right now we are headquartered in Vilnius soon we will be making our way to Central UK.

ActaCoin is a UK based incorporation baked up by a global team of experts in technology, business, communications, security and civil society.

ActaCoin was launched with the aim of bringing a new level of service to currency traders by bridging the gap between the institutional and retail forex and crypto currency trading world. ActaCoin is powered by ActaCoin Limited, a financial corporation specialized in e-trading services for institutional clients incorporated in Ireland to accompass long standing success.

Our mission is to inspire global traders with access to the world's largest and most liquid market. By offering the most innovative trading tools, hiring the best trading educators and meeting strict financial standards to protect trader funds, we strive for the best online trading experience in the market.

Our goal is to make mining accessible to all users regardless of age, location, investment, technical nouse or experience. We want to give our customers an opportunity to try out cryptocurrency mining and earn Bitcoin as a reward. On a larger scale, we hope to contribute to the development of mining services and subsequently to the development, establishment and adoption of Bitcoin both as a currency and as an economic system.

Cloud mining offers a unique option for mining with a low cost of entry as well as minimal risk and expense, which is opposite to traditional models of mining that involve procurement, maintenance and configuration of highly specialized hardware.

Due to the very complex nature of mining and its dependence on many external factors (mining difficulty, bitcoin exchange rate, utility costs etc), it is next to impossible to predict the size of an individual’s earnings. One thing that’s not difficult to predict is Bitcoin’s prominence as a major disruptive technology for decades to come.

If you have any questions about our services or any questions about cloud and crypto mining, our team would love for you to get in touch. Feel free to drop by our office in London, United Kingdom, or alternatively get in touch with us on the phone or via Skype.